Friday, April 02, 2010

Where are all the gentlemen?

I work with some real gentleman, one man I work with got all embarissed at dinner because he was served before the ladies. Bless him! Unfortunately we just don't see these characterisics in younger available men. Where are they all!

Maybe my generation will improve as we all grow older but maybe I'm just living after my time. Maybe all the gentleman have been snatched up or maybe they are all hiding!

When around these nice older men I feel more like a lady, so maybe if I behave more like a lady all the time it will bring the nicer side out in the men. My problem is I am too much along the lines of what you see is what you get!

I have cryed most of the morning as a father called his daughter a beautiful princess whois learning to be a lady. I have never felt like a lady and was never told Ilooked beautiful as a child. I am pretty plain looking tho but all little girls should be made to feel like a princess. It prepares them for being a lady.