Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years Resolutions

Things I want to work towards.
- lots more friends, some friends I can ring and say, hey, do you want to go to the pub tonight!! (hence no. 2 below)

- loose weight, my medication made me put on a stone so I am going to have another attempt at shifting it!

- be happier

Steps I am starting with

1. Start going to the gym again, (2 or 3 times a weeks) I managed this reasonably well until my car troubles. My car is now fixed so no excuses!

2. Invite people round for coffee and even proper dinner parties. I did one with my friends and parents last week and I have invited someone from work for coffee. This is a huge thing for me but an important step I think.

3. Try to be more organised with housework. I made laods of lists and planned what days to do each on, it has gone pear shaped today as I has Mc Donalds and now I am in the internet cafe. I put clean the bathrooms today so it is not all lost, I can do that in 15mins as I did the ensuite on Monday!! Health eating has gone out the window today, I must make sure I have a few ready meals next week!

4. To help with no. 3 I have put daylight bulbs in my bedroom and in one bathroom. I have also ordered a daylight lamp for my desk at work. So far this has given me more energy in the evenings so I am going to buy more bulbs for the hall way and living room. I only seen to be able to get old fashioned type bulbs at the moment, no hallogen bulbs and no energy saving bulbs - does anyone know if anyone makes them?

Just a quick footnote: A friend has taken my laptop away to have a look at it, if he can fix it I might get it back next week. I am really really missing it!!