Monday, October 08, 2012

Happy Happy Happy!!!!!

I have never been this happy and excited in my whole life!  Mr. R. and I are getting a house together, a big house with three double bedrooms and a garden. I am so SO excited.

We have also been talking about getting some kittens to live with us and maybe (if I am not too old) we may grow a little person.  There has even been talk of rings and ceremonies.  I am so excited I can hardly control myself!!

I have just visited my GP to discuss how the hand over to the new GP will work and I have stocked up on medication just in-case my records take sometime to go through and/or the new practice has a waiting list. I mentioned we may try for a baby which has been worrying me (although I want to do it!) and she even said as I have been well for a long time I can consider reducing the sertraline right down from 200mg a day to just 50mg a day.  I'm not doing it just yet but was told to discuss it with my new GP.

Everything is perfect at the moment, I can't believe how lucky I am.