Sunday, August 01, 2010

Feeling Better Again...

I'm feeling much more stable at the moment. I stopped taking the aripiprazole for a while and after a while I stoppedthe sertraline too. I am not sure why i did it. The best explanation I can think of is I was frightened of the little blue tablets. They caused me to have some unpleasant side effects and I felt my concentration was very poor. I blamed the tablets for me getting behind at work.

Anyway about 6 weeks later I went to the US for work. When I got back I sleptfor nearly a week. I went to see my psychiatrist to tell him I had stopped taking the tablets and heconvincedme to go back on a reduced dose. He assureed me the sideeffects were due to an interaction between aripirazole and quetiapine and should not come back now I have completely stopped the quetiapine.

I am now on a lower dose of aripiprazole (just 2.5mg) and back on 200mg of sertraline. I have changed the timing of the sertraline to take 200mg all at the same timerather than 100mg morningand night. I kept forgetting the morning dose before.

I am feeling much better and back in control these days. I hope it lasts. Work is much better too. I have a more manageable worklod and a new boss. I have also moved desks so I have peple cose by who I can talk to. I am getting out more and socialisingso things are really on the up.

My friend had a new baby last week so I off to visit them this afteroon! I must do some housework first tho'.