Monday, February 18, 2013

Wedding Bells!

I am officially engaged to be married! The date is set for the summer and plans are starting to fall into place.

Work sucks

Gosh I feel blue.  Work is really getting on top of me.  They hired me two years ago as an expert in my field but they do not listen to anything I have to say.  Then when it all goes pear shaped I have to pick up the pieces.  All this company seems to want is my CV on their files so they can win business but when it comes to doing the work, they don't listen to anything I have to say.  I need to get out of this place as it is depressing me.

I had a telephone interview for a new job last Friday, they said they liked me and wanted to see me for a face to face interview.  I am waiting for the phone call to arrange a time.  Unfortunately, even if this does work out, I am on three months notice.  I am hoping they will let me go earlier if I get it.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

They just rang back, I'm definitely through to stage two and they will have me in for a face to face interview next week.