Saturday, December 15, 2007

Guest Book

I am curious about who is reading my blog, I have found it on a few websites and a few people have left me comments. Raine is my one faithful reader but who else is out there?

Please leave me a comment, tell me who you are, where you are from and what you think of my blog?

I have noticed a few students leaving comments, do you have anymore questions? How did you find my blog.


Anonymous said...


I am an American journalist who stumbled across your blog while researching an article on bipolar illness and internet dating. I wonder if you'd be willing to discuss the subject with me via e-mail or Skype. If so I'd be happy to explain more.

My e-mail is justin AT


SA D. said...

Hi Annie,

While I haven't had much time for blogging or reading the blogs of others since I got my new job, I used to visit your blog on occasion to see how things were going. It helped my to know there are others out there with similar troubles to mine. Your post above this one is a good example, as I too have done stuff that I later regret and stress over it when there was likely little to no reason to worry.

I'm from Toronto, Canada. I've lived here all my life.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.


Graham N said...

Hi Annie

Yup, there are plenty more of us out here! I'm BP Type 2, although I suspect there are times I cross the border into Type 1! (I hade a particiularly nast mania on November 1st, I think it was ... boy, was I looking fdor trouble that day! I was hunting for someone horrible, just so I could pop them! "NO, No, nO, NO! Not a good idea!" If you fancy hooking up for chats, for the initial contact email

~QueenBee~ said...


I have just came across your blog by searching for bipolar blogs and then looking at other people's blogs. I have anxiety and bipolar. I must say I do like how you put a "warning" to your site. That made me smile...I am not so nice. Maybe I should be. Anyhow...keep up the fight - that a lot of us have to live.


Darren said...

Hi Annie
Just found your blog-I too am Bi-polar(NOS-its good to be special!!)and have GAD and social anxiety.Had a mixed episode in Feb this year which lead to diagnosis and hospitalisation(thank god for BUPA!)
Currently on 300 mg of quitiapene and 1000mg of depakote-was doing much better till a few days ago when I tried to drop the depakote to reduce the lethargy,and the anxiety and racing thoughts came back-sooo disappointed
Have read your 2008 posts-we seem to have so much in common(Well apart from Im a guy,and 37!)and have added it to my favourites
Keep up the good work,and dont let the buggers get you down!!
All the best-and thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,

I came across your blog and just wanted to say that I hope you're doing better. I can't speak for bipolar disorder but anxiety disorder is a nasty, negative, long term deal. I wish you all the best.


Joel Lamoure said...

Annie... Thanks for your courage and obviously helping so many others. Real courage is taking a challenge and using it to help others. I applaud you for that. May some of my writings help as you are obviously helping others!

Joel Lamoure

Green said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I just came across your blog when I was googling aripiprazole (I've been prescribed it for social anxiety, but the leaflet just talks about it being used for bipolar and hearing and seeing things). I can definitely identify with some of what you say about being paranoid of what everyone's thinking of you. Anyway, good luck.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being open in your blog. I can relate to your experience. I'm diagnosed bipolar, social anxiety, aspergers (I suspect). My social functioning is depressing. Its a mission for me to hold a 2 minute conversation: spoken or text. I'm paranoid in public that people are staring and laughing at me.
Its really hard just making it through the day. And then at the end of the day I wonder

I'm Bipolar 2 and am on Cymbalta, clozapine, topamax, rivotril etc.
e-mail me at:

SaskiaSunshine said...

Dear Annie,

I am really happy that i found your blog, i started a blog myself, about social anxiety and some other stuff.
And i recently found your blog, and been browsing through your posts.
I can really relate to your posts, It's so hard to deal with sa and being bipolar, were like a cameleon, changing to all those colours.
And it's so hard to feel so uncomfortable around people.

I'm still a bit anxious what people will think about my blog, because i also write dutch blogs, maybe its a bit unorganized. But its because im from the netherlands, i like to write in my own language too, and of course the language of the world, english.

But im still over-thinking if it's good enough, but i'm really happy if i take a look of the result of my blog.

And also your blog is really beautiful, it's a beautiful place full of posts with great stuff.

I applaude you for this great piece of work and I will follow your posts.

I don't know how blogspot works to add a friend, but maybe you can add me as a friend.

Well, good luck with everything, annie.

xx Saskia

Anonymous said...

hey. i think its great you do a blog about this. i feel so alone with it my town has no type o groups or anything i just need someone who understand stands the feeling not like a doc or anything that has only study them. i feel trapped in my own body im going through getting on med and its been so hard almost a year now and ive had it since i was 14 my mom didnt believe me but i knew im now 22 and just getting help im bipolar and my moods change so easy and can change all day long and i make it so im alone if im in my room and im a fulltime singe mom its so hard i just want someone to talk to who gets it is this what u do make blogs is the chatrooms or anything? i just want to feel true happiness for atleast one whole day. sometimes i feel like its never going to happen. im even fighting cutting myself i havent done it i know its wrong but i get so angery i dont know what to do to make the feeling go away. ugh help some tell me ways to talk to other people with this.

Life Of Susan, A Dog Shelter Worker and Animal Lover. said...

Hi Annie, this is the first time I've read your blog, I've introduced myself in your "About Me" area of your blog, but I'll briefly recap, I have Bipolar Disorder 2, Social Anxiety, O.C.D. and brief psychotic episodes. Feel free to read the comments I've posted for you, I also posted on your latest post about your sleep. Feel free to check out my blog I've just recently started my blog, it's my first one. Susan.

Jane Thompson said...

I am an author who has 3 books out on bipolar disorder. You may be familiar with my first, "Sugar and Salt." Please let me know if you would be interested on reviewing my third on your blog. If so, I will ship you "Reboot, a novel of bipolar disorder," as soon as you send me an address.

Thank you
Jane Thompson

Jane Thompson said...

I am an author who has 3 books out about bipolar disorder. You may be familiar with my first, "Sugar and Salt," I would like to know if you would be intertested in reviewing my third, "Reboot, A Novel of Bipolar Disorder," in your blog. If so, please send me an address and I will ship it to you. Thanks

Gerene Keesler said...

This is great. I have anxiety, aspergers, and epilepsy. Always looking for support and helping one another. My blog is

coleman r said...

I admire you honesty and find some similarities in our stories. I am diagnosed bipolar type II and have recently stopped working and have applied for disability. In the interest of self healing I have begun a blog

Check it out if your interest. Nice to find a kindred spirit.


TheJma021582 said...

HI, I wanted to let people know I wrote a book for kids explaining what bi polar is so parents have a tool to explain their disability to their children.

It's available on KINDLE,, and the book is titled
"My Mother has Bi Polar".