Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Controlling happy thoughts

With automatic negative thoughts I have become used to recognising the negative thought patterns overtaking and learnt to distract myself. With the happy thoughts and my mind racing I find it far more difficult to distract myself. What everI do seems to be at super high speed and slowing down these thoughts are impossible.

I have not had a lasting depression fo a long time but the highs are still bothering me. Everything goes well for a while and then I realise I have not been doing any of the basic chores in life. I have no clean clothes, rubbish piled high and realise I have been eating out everyday for a week because I have not been shopping. It gets to the extent that I head off to the supermarket, decide to eat out on the way and then go to the supermarket and buy far too much butno a single square meal. This can happen a for days at the time.