Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Short Days

I am beginning to have had enough of the short days now. I feel ready to do a little more work and hate being stuck at home when I am feeling well. I refuse to work longer hours when they are not paying me to do so. I just need some hobbies to make time at home without Mr R more interesting.

I think I will start preparing for a Christmassy Christmas. Still I feel quite excluded from the world as I am not allowed to work proper hours.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tough Times.

Things are difficult at the moment. As the seasons changed my mood deteriated. People started to notice that I was not my usual self. After a water leak in my flat I had a mini break down. I couldn't cope with everything.

I took a few days off work and then went to the doctors. The doctor asked me lots of questions and then recommended reduced working hours for two weeks. This was great. I was not expecting anything from my GP. the reduced hours worked a treat. I was happy again. I was getting more work done and had energy left over to cook and do household things in the evening. This was a real lifeline.

My manager and director wished me well and had no problems with this. However Human Resources are another matter. they started giving me a hard time and did not want to pay me and they wanted to write to my GP and kept warning me I would not be paid. My management were brilliant and fought my case and I will be paid for those two weeks.

I returned to the doctors after the two weeks feeling ready to return to work full time and expecting that to be her advice. After talking to her for a while she recommended taking a further two weeks with reduced hours. I was called into my managers office yesterday and she told me I will not be paid for the hours I do not work. By contract I am entitled to 20 days paid leave and this adds up to less than 6 days over 4 weeks and they will not pay me. They have in the contract that sick pay is at the managers discretion and my manager supports paying me but Human Resources overruled him.

Anyway. Very stressed now!!

To finish things off my Nan died at 3am this morning. We were not particularly close. She was in hospital and I went to see her a few weeks ago. She seemed relatively well and convinced she would only be in for a few days. I was going to take Mr R to meet her in the next few weeks and take her Christmas present with me.

R.I.P Nanny.