Monday, February 28, 2011

Life is looking up!!

After about 6 years of loneliness I have finally met a man who I actually quite like, enjoy spending time with and do not feel pressured by.  He is still being quite perfect.  He sent me 20 red roses on valentine's day, we have just been away for a perfect weekend despite it being cold and wet.  We have been together 4 weeks now and I still have not discovered the catch with him.  I did not think I would be this happy with anyone elses company now I have learnt to be happy with my own.  We seem to enjoy many hobbies together and everything feels easy.

I also started a new job 5 weeks ago, it has been a bit slow getting started but I am enjoying it.  There is less pressure and it is only a 5minute drive away.  It used to take me nearly an hour to get to my old place of work.

I went to New Zealand for 3 weeks in January, it was fantastic.  Luckily I missed all the earthquakes.