Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Mood Diary

3 - Happy to the extent it interfers with life
2 - Very happy and a good mood
1 - Quite satisfied and content
0 - Feeling nothing
-1 - A bit low
-2 - Very low, not doing anything
-3 - Thoughts that I don'twant to continue with life

I have been keeping a mood diary for a couple of months. The major problem with it is that whenever I start to get a bit happy I can't keep still or keep a thought in my head. Filling in the spreadsheet is impossible to remember. When I do remember I tend to dismiss it quite quickly as a waste of time thing think I don't need it anymore. I do notice the highs if they are followed by a low, I then look back to when I had an organised thought and put that date in as normal mood.

I would like my mood to be between 2 and -2 at all times!

1 comment:

Raine said...

every once in a while I keep one, usually when trying to see if a med is helping. They are always all over the place. I would like to stay at just above the line myself.....