Sunday, August 01, 2010

Feeling Better Again...

I'm feeling much more stable at the moment. I stopped taking the aripiprazole for a while and after a while I stoppedthe sertraline too. I am not sure why i did it. The best explanation I can think of is I was frightened of the little blue tablets. They caused me to have some unpleasant side effects and I felt my concentration was very poor. I blamed the tablets for me getting behind at work.

Anyway about 6 weeks later I went to the US for work. When I got back I sleptfor nearly a week. I went to see my psychiatrist to tell him I had stopped taking the tablets and heconvincedme to go back on a reduced dose. He assureed me the sideeffects were due to an interaction between aripirazole and quetiapine and should not come back now I have completely stopped the quetiapine.

I am now on a lower dose of aripiprazole (just 2.5mg) and back on 200mg of sertraline. I have changed the timing of the sertraline to take 200mg all at the same timerather than 100mg morningand night. I kept forgetting the morning dose before.

I am feeling much better and back in control these days. I hope it lasts. Work is much better too. I have a more manageable worklod and a new boss. I have also moved desks so I have peple cose by who I can talk to. I am getting out more and socialisingso things are really on the up.

My friend had a new baby last week so I off to visit them this afteroon! I must do some housework first tho'.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your honesty about your medication. I am bipolar I and it helps me to see another who goes through the dreaded coctail juggle.

I am happy that I ran across your blog and I look forward to eading more.
Sincerely, In the Pink

Adelaide Dupont said...

It's good to see the other changes you were able to make in your environment as well.

Medication interactions!

I hope the visit with the baby went well. I don't know how much you've been with kids since you were a child yourself.

Raine said...

I dont know why we periodically find a reason to go off meds but I do it also. It always seems a sane rational choice at the time and I always regret it