Friday, April 15, 2011

a general update

I am still seeing my R, he is still gorgeous and perfect in every way.  He is very supportive of me and encourages me to get out more and walk and stuff.  My Mr R left my flat this morning before work and I will not see him again until sunday as I am going to visit my parents for a few days.

I have seen the NHS psychiatrist and she basically she noted my history, reassured me I would be able to see her when I needed to and discharged me into the care of my GP.  I feel much better these day anyway so I just hope it continues to last.

I baked my Mum a birthday cake yestrday, I need to get a cake tin on the way home from work so I can transport it.  It is a sponge cake with Jam and butter icing.  It has cherries and jelli diamonds on top.

I better get back to doing some work, although I am struggling lots today.  but in general I like the job and have passed my probation period.

Oh yes, one more thing, I think I have stopped putting weight on, I just need to loose some now to get back to where I was.


Gledwood said...

that cake sounds pretty cool

Diane said...

Hi I have lived undiagnosed with bipolar for 10 years now and who know's probably most of my life just in the past 3 weeks have I been able to feel there is any hope at all out there. I am taking medication now haven't got the dosage right yet but it's almost there. My head is clearer , thoughts are not raceing like before. I am wroking on the relationship, and other things but it's not easy. Thanks for listen Just needed someone whos knows how I feel and can relate.