Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Sleeping Patterns

One reason I have been thinking about which may be why I am a little down is my sleep patterns.   Does anyone know anything about sleeping too much.  Also what about diet and exercise can that help?

I go to bed each night between 9:30pm and 10:00pm and wake up around 8:00am to 8:30am.   I get at least 10.5 hours sleep each night. That would be manageable and not a long way outside the normal range apart from I rarely stir in the night and I have a lot of trouble getting up in the mornings.  I spend most of the working day yawning and can't wait to get back home for a nap.  If I go and lay on my bed I can be asleep in less than 5 minutes.

It is really hard to cope with as I do little more than work and sleep monday to friday leaving the weekend full of household chores.  Mr R would like to go out more in the week but I just can't manage it, it leads to me oversleeping for work.  Once I get behind on the housework and laundry I start feeling low, I eat junk and want to sleep more. It all gets into a viscous downward spiral which I desperately need to break!

Oh where to start.  I think I'll go for a short walk before bed as the evenings are lighter and I want to try staying up a little later tonight to see if I am any better tomorrow.


Gledwood said...

When I get depressed these days I nearly always oversleep quite considerably. I'd typically sleep 8 hours at night... which sounds fine, doesn't it. Except that come mid-afternoon I'm so extremely tired I just cannot help falling asleep, usually for at least 4 hours, making a total of 12 out of 24. Efforts to avoid the afternoon nap just don't work. If I don't sleep then, I make up the extra time later, and I don't usually even go to bed I just end up sleeping in a chair... as the depression gets worse, so the number of hours sleep goes up usually peaking at 17, although I've slept even longer than that. Of course this is really inconvenient. I'm not working, but dread to imagine how I'd hold down a job in that state. My diagnosis is schizoaffective disorder by the way, bipolar type. And when I'm manic or hypomanic of course I usually sleep very little. So it seems to be a case of natural give and take... more sleep then less sleep. It's really impractical to live like this though. Even when I'm sleeping very little I can find myself sleeping in the day instead of at night... When I do have "decreased need for sleep" I wouldn't even bother going to bed. You get to know when you're just NOT going to sleep, and it's a waste of time trying ...

I have an online friend with bipolar disorder:
who is doing some sort of social rhythm therapy. He says his therapist doesn't allow him any more than 7 or 8 hours as a way of stopping him getting depressed; you might find it works for you just to limit the number of hours you spend in bed and if unlike me you can avoid sleeping in armchairs you might be all right...

Good luck! :-)

Raine said...

walking is a good thing to do. Perhaps its your meds making you sleepy? Something to think about. Of course some side effects we just have to live with if we are to remain stable

Lucy said...

Sleep really impacts my anxiety. I'm a lot less anxious if I wake up before 7am, for some reason. Sleeping in too late makes me feel sluggish and really lazy.

To get an early night, I normally have a chamomile tea or something like that, and settle down a few hours before I'd like to be asleep. Then there's more chance I can get up early. If I fall out of routine, I tend to set an alarm early for a few days, and then I gradually don't need it.

Also, I need to make sure my iron levels are up (I take spatone iron sachets, which help).

Life Of Susan, A Dog Shelter Worker and Animal Lover. said...

Hello Annie, I've left a comment introducing myself on your about me post. Anyway I have Bipolar Type 2, Social Anxiety, O.C.D. and brief psychotic episodes, and take several medications, Seroquel is one of them. I get to sleep at about 1.30am, and awake at about 1 or 2pm. I also have Sleep Aponea, which I get tired from and I regularly doze off at work. As Lucy posted, I also take iron tablets, but taking folic acid is important while taking iron or else it is not absorbed into your body. I'm sorry I can't give you much advice about sleeping, as I've got such a problem with it myself, but one thing I've found is that a long hot shower relaxes me, followed by a milk drink. Hope this works for you Annie. Feel free to check out my blog

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Cheryl Zelenka said...

Insomnia is a difficult issue for me. I don't have panica attacks but I had a friend who did.

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