Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Coeliac Disease

It looks like I may have coeliac disease. I have visited the doctor several time over the past few months with diarrhoea, eventually I had some blood tests and one has come back positive for coeliac disease.  I'm not sure which of the blood tests for coeliac they did so not sure of the false positive rate, however, I have been referred to the hospital for them to take a biopsy from my small intestine to confirm the results.

Some of the other symptoms include migraines and fatigue. I am really hoping the biopsy confirms the diagnosis as the symptoms make sense and a new gluten free diet could resolve all the symptoms.  I have to play the waiting game at the moment, I am waiting for the referral letter from my GP and then I have to make an appointment at the hospital where there is about a 6 week waiting list.  I still have to eat gluten until after the biopsy, I look at it and just think how it is probably making me poorly.

Anyway it is nearly Christmas :o)

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Annie said...

I can't get an appointment at the hospital until the end of Febraruary :o(