Saturday, February 03, 2007

New Years Resolutions - 1 month update

My new years resolutions have been going really well up until when I went away this week.

  • I have lost about 4 lbs (and not put any back on this week)
  • I have had a friend around for coffee last Saturday, she stayed for a few hours and we chatted.
  • I ate in everynight
  • Took sandwiches to work
  • Washed up before bed
  • Tidied up before bed
  • Cut my spending (I found a mistake in the electric bill - I have £200 to come back)
  • I am also using less electricity than before (good for the enviroment too!!)
  • Cancelled my broard band (I do not have a computer)
  • Been to the gym regulary (also found out I get get a discount through work!!)
  • I have been straigtening my hair regulary, this and my teeth improving has given me a little confidence in my appearance1 :o)

Overall I am feeling quite good about myself!!

The gap between my front teeth has closed! I also went to the psychiatrist about two weeks ago and he is very pleased with the insight I have into bipolar and social anxiety and is convinced I will stay well. He said I could change my check ups to annually but I am really a bit scraed of the illness still so I am sticking to every three months.

All in all the start of the year has gone very well. I am going to join as all I need is love and a baby and life would be perfect.

Mr Apparently Creepy Guy is off the scene. He asked if we could meet again, I told him I would love to but nothing is going to happen because I did not fancy him. I have not heard from him since. :o(


Raine said...

congratulations annie!!! sounds as if you are doing very very well! I am happy bout your teeth. Seems to make you happy so I am happy for you:)

SA D. said...

Congrats! That's outstanding. Success stories are always so uplifting. I've been working out and losing weight too. And my anxiety's much lower for it.

Take care and don't forget, I'm rooting for you!

SA Dave

Raine said...

Its been a while since you posted. I hope this is cause you are out and about having lots of fun or because your puter died. Are you ok?