Thursday, April 17, 2008

My first attempt to reduce my sertraline did not work. I started well but kept getting sharp anxiety attacks which just make my whole body shudder. They are short lived though. My whole body jumps when I realise I have done something wrong. For example, I said my friend's daughter was in 12-18 month old clothes in front of my friends husband (the child's father). I said this to my parents and their friend. Later on I remembered she was in 18 to 24 month old clothes. As friend's husband had not said anything I start the thinking....... he knows I was wrong, I should have let him answer, he was laughing at me, why didn't he say anything. The fact that I was just wrong in front of him made me shudder. Instances such as this made me decide to increase the sertraline again.

On top of this I have decided to stop eating large amounts of chocalate and biscuits. The sugar rush then the withdrawal from the sugar is not helping my moods. I have relapsed once in the 10 days I have been doing this and that was only about 6 biscuits, not a whole pack. The problem was that I had them for dinner. I had two days off work last week as I was feeling quite low.

Anyway in the last week or so I have felt a lot better, I have been eating healthily and lost a few pounds. I joined the gym again and have been twice. I'm feeling a lot better. The last two evenings I have only taken 75mg of sertraline. So far no shudders! Then again no BIG mistakes.

I'm having a new sofa delivered tomorrow, I had a new TV delivered last Friday so this weekend will be a lazy one sitting on my new sofa and watching my new TV. As I am working from home in the morning I am going to try and sort my broardband out :o).

I'm travelling for work for three days next week, I always find those things challenging. That is not concerning me too much but at the end of May I am going to a conference in Barcellona, that one is really worrying me as it will not be with anyone I know very well and also there will be a lot of external people to meet. The main purpose for me will be networking so loads of pressure there :o(. Still, if I can keep the anxiety under control it should be really good.

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Meg said...

I am really interested in hearing what you ahve to say about changing medicines. i am contemplating going off of the sertraline myself. How are you tapering off?