Friday, May 30, 2008


It's Friday now and I am still recovering from my trip. It was really difficult one. My mind is still quite numb from the experiance. I came into work yesterday and spent about 3 hours here. I was so tired I went home early and slept a few hours yesterday afternoon and then about 13 hours over night.

I got to work at about 11am today. Our admin. assistant said something about me still being tired and it is a good job it was not a long flight :o(. Most people do not know my history as I am becoming more and more concious of people judging me and being shocked. I need the people around me to understand and support me though :o(.

I sent an email to F saying thanks for helping me out and introducing me to people. He was really nice and said I was an important member of the team and said how he used to find those meeting hard. He sid to book my time for next years meeting so things could not have been as bad as I had imagined.


Raine said...

Of course they werent. Your probably made a good impression. It was just your anxiety tell you lies............... ((((((((annie))))))))

Anonymous said...

When you feel as though people are starting to judge you. Stop. Try not to assume anything. Some might not know what you have to deal with. Some might be willing to get to know you despite that. Some might be thinking, wow, that person Is so strong how do they make It through he day.

Don't always assume the worst. Also assume the best.