Monday, September 06, 2010


Nothing seems to motivate me at the moment. I have lost interest in my career, I am just not enjoying it anymore. I have lost interest in my flat, my cat and everything really. I am half thinking of stopping my medication again, just so I can feel something. I have not seen anyone else all weekend and I called in sick this morning. This means I have not had a conversation with anyone for three days!

I cannot remember when my next appointmet with my psychiatrist is. Who cares anyway :o(. Things are falling apart in my flat and I cannot face getting them fixed. I have bills to pay and I cannot find my cheque book.

I still blame the aripiprazole! I want to stop taking those horrible bl;ue tablets that often give me heart burn!

I am watching films and eating too muchin the hope it will distract me.


In the Pink said...

Stay strong girl. This to shall pass, you know. And I too take abilify, 15mg and it really helps with my depression. At 5mg I didn't notice a difference, 10 mg was good, and 15 is great for when I am in a big funk. Do you take an antidepressant as well? It may help to take one when you feel this down. Best wishes sweety.

Joel Lamoure said...

Peace my friend Annie and I understand your thoughts in general, even if not your specific example. Ms pink made a fine statement and I agree fully. This too shall pass, but a problem shared is a problem halved. At very least perspective can be shared and address thse mountains

Be yourself, often.

Joel Lamoure

Verity Vaudeville said...

Sweet. I think I shall join you