Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mr R

It's hard to find time to post recently, I think that's a good thing. Life is going pretty well.  I love Mr. R more and more all the time.  I spend nearly all my free time with him and time just flys by.  He understands depression and supports me a lot when I have a bad day.  But not only does he support me he also gets cross with me if I sit around feeling sorry for myself.  He makes sure I get up and go out :o).  He's just what I need.

I do worry a lot though.  My new job is quite challenging and I really don't know whether I am not good enough to do the job or I am just still finding the ropes.  I have sleepless nights about it sometimes.

I get very insecure about work and when I talk to my Mr R I sense he gets frustrated with me and does not feel he can help.  I try to reassure him I am ok and my illness is my problem at the end of the day.  Just being with him makes me feel better.  When I am with him it puts everything into perspective.  All that's important is love and being with those you love, it does not matter if you are cleaning the streets or president of the US, when you're in love, nothing else compares. 

Mr R told me jobs come and go, everything comes and goes but we are for the long term :o)!  We are going out for dinner tonight to one of my favourite restaurants.  I want to go and make myself look beautiful for him.

I keep expecting to wake up and find the last few months have all been a wonderful dream and I will go back to that person who just sits in front of the TV to take her mind off how crap life is.

Mr R knows about my blog and my past now so we have no secrets.  I couldn't imagine life without him anymore.  I hope I never have to. 


Raine said...

I hope the two of you are always as happy with each other as you are right now

ron turner said...

Stumbled onto your blog. Enjoyed the read. Its good to read about a females perspective on mental illness. Although I do not suffer from depression so much as being in a manic state mostly, its always nice to read of people overcoming the pitfalls of life. Thanks for posting