Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Children or No Children, the dilema!

I'm in my mid thirties now (34).  I told my GP that I was in a new relationship and she really worried me.  The conversation started with talking about contraception.  That's fine I'm comfortable with that.  Then she said I needed a very reliable contraception because of the drugs I am taking which are not suitable if you want to become pregnant.  Still fair enough.  I told her we were using condoms and this is where it starts to go wrong.  She frowns so I ask what she would recomend as I prefer not to take the pill due to it's association with depression.  She started by suggesting the implant which works for three years, however because of my age she changed her mind and said if I had the slightest urge to have children it was not for me.  I am too old as it lasts three years I maybe too old to have children once the effects wear off.  She basically said that if I want children I need to have them now.  But hadn't I just told her I was in a new relationship.  Ummm.  I'm so confused.

My Mum also thinks I should have children asap.

I think I would like children, ideally we would have met several years ago and now be considering whether we wanted children and planning for this but we didn't.  He needs time to get use to the idea of children as it is not something he has given much thought to.  Does that mean he never will want children?  He said he was not opposed to the idea but not for a good few years.  The problem is I may not have a good few years and I have told him this.

On top of all these normal worries I then have to think about my medication, risks to a baby, risks to my own health and the strain and pressure Mr R would be under if I were to become seriously ill.  When I think how stressed and tired I get now I wonder whether having a baby would be a good idea anyway.

I have thought about this a lot and at no time have I thought for a second that Mr R is not for me regardless of whether or not he ever wants children.  I won't be having the implant incase the opportunity for children happens, I won't be having children anytime soon and I won't give up Mr R.  I just hope that one day Mr R would like children too and that day does comes before my biological clock says too late.  It makes me very sad to think it might not happen for us.

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