Sunday, May 19, 2013

31 working days to go!

47 days to married life!

I have a lot to do, this weekend we have bought the dresses for my flower girls, next weekend I am going to London's flower market to plan the table flowers.  I have a hair and make-up practice this week, dress fitting in 2 weeks, Hen night in 3 weeks, meeting with the registrar, meeting with the florist. We also have to choose music for the ceremony, the meal and for the evening... The list goes on and on....

I have so many nice , exciting things to do and I have to go to work to a job I hate.  The only thing that makes me go is looking at the bill for the wedding, if it was not for that I would never go in again.  I should be looking forwards to my wedding not leaving work, however there is no need to count down to the wedding as the days planning fly by with excitement and days at work drag like hell!

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