Wednesday, June 20, 2007

30 on Friday

well on Friday anyway!!

Goals I set for before I was30.

1. Get my teeth straightened

I'm half way through the treatment and it is all going well

2. Train with the womens 5-a-side football team (soccer for you US folks :o))
done, I'm playing in the interdeparmental game again this summer, it starts tomorrow

3. Start hosting dinner parties for my friends and family.
Not done much really, I don't have many friends to invite round

4. Be able to say that Social Anxiety is no longer controlling what I do.

Well I am well on the way, I can say Social Anxiety does not control me, I'm not particulary anxious but I am still very lonely. I have started dating though.



Raine said...

that would be because you are bi-polar. It will pass. You have accomplished much and should be very proud of yourself. Happy Birthday Annie!!!

Truthman30 said...

Paxil is used to treat this condition but it can in fact make it much worse and can cause terrible anxiety from dsie effects and withdrawals...

I am an ex user of paxil ( seroxat in the UK) and i have good reason to believe that Paxil causes long term neurological damage ..

This drug is very dangerous..

I have set up a blog documenting the Paxil(Seroxat) scandal...

Please check out my blog..

any comments or debate about Paxil would be appreciated , thanks.

SA D. said...

Happy birthday Annie. My b-day was last Wednesday. I'm a tad over 30, however.

Focus on the good things about your life and don't let the negatives get you down.

Best wishes,