Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stuck in a situation :o(

I just had an evening in where I met someone from a dating website. Problem is he is genuinely a nice guy who is the perfect gentleman and bought me flowers and the oldest wine from his collection but I do not think I fancy him. We snogged for a bit but he did not get me excited. He is comming back tomorrow and I think I am going to have to end it. I have seen him three times now but I do not think there is any future in it. I am thinking more about how I am going to wake up in the morning for work than I am about him. I think tomorrow night is going to be extremely difficult.

Maybe I should let tomorrow happen, and then break over the weekend as I have plans and naturally I would not want to see him. Maybe after the break I should make my decision. He is a lovely genuine man but does not excite me. Maybe if I give it another evening, but I really don't know. Love does not hapen over night so maybe I should give it a bit longer.

I do not want to be on my own for life but neither do I want to be stuck with the wrong person.
My mother has always resented my father and no way do I want to be in that situation. What to do??

It is early days, he is the perfect gentleman and I do not want to be old and alone wondering what might have been. :o( I do not feel threatened by him in any way so maybe give it a bit longer.

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Raine said...

sometimes love grows slowly out of respect and admiration. Also being bi-polar the excitement could come with the next mood swing LOLOL at least if you swing like I do. I have found that those who "excite" me are usually very bad for me. Just a thought- you might want to stick with it for a while as you really seem to admire him as a person.