Monday, December 15, 2008

When the lights go out...

I use the TV, DVDs and soaps to hide from the way I am feeling. The last few nights when the lights have gone out; when all I can hear is the clock ticking, the cat purring and next doors TV I realise how alone I am in this depressing world.

This tme yesterday I could not see my way through today. Now I at least have a plan for tomorrow and maybe after that I will be able to see my way through the week and to the Christmas break! I hate turning the lights out!

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Nick Hanlon said...

Loneliness, it's epidemic, but of course knowing we are not alone with our aloneness doesn't make it all better. I am certain you have it in you to make the changes you need to make to have the life you want.

It's good to hear you have a plan for tomorrow. It sounds like everything feels like it is a bit too much at the moment, so look after yourself. I've found that nothing else is more important when life gets tough.

Take care,