Saturday, January 23, 2010

Aripiprazole - day one

I took 5mg of Aripiprarzole last night with 100mg of quetiapine. It took me a few hours to get off to sleep and I had dry eyes and itchy legs and could not lie still for a while. I think I will take the next dose tomorrow morning as I do not need to go out tomorrow and if it is going to make me restless I guess it is better to take it while I want to be up and about instead of when I want to sleep.

I'm not giving up yet! I only slept for just over 8 hours and I stirred in the night :o). When I sleep so soundly on quetiapine I do not always feel rested as the night goes past in the blink of an eye.

I went out again last night with the local film club. I enjoyed it very much and I am making lots of new friends! I am out again tonight too but I have to do some laundry and house work first.

The following website for anyone who wants further details about aripiprazole (or any other drug), this site is from the european medicines agency which regulates drugs in Europe, similar to the FDA in the US. There is a summary for the public in 22 languages as well as more in depth scientific information.

European Medicines Agency - Aripiprazole (Abilify)

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