Sunday, January 31, 2010

BBC documentary: My Child Won't Speak

Tuesday, 2nd February 2010, BBC One, 10:35pm My Child Won't Speak follows three young girls with a rare emotional disorder, known as selective mutism, as they struggle to overcome their phobia and speak to people other than their parents for the first time in years.

Eight-year-old Red has a set of rules about who she can and can't talk to, while ten-year-old Megan will talk freely at home, but never utters a word at school, and 15-year old Danielle started speaking in public for the first time 12 months ago.

To talk freely like other children, the three girls must confront the personal fears and anxieties they have about using their voices. My Child Won't Speak joins them on their individual journeys as they start to find a way forward.

For more information on tackling behavioural issues and finding organisatiosn that can help, download our parental advice factsheet (1.08, Mb).


Christine said...

Selective Mutism can be such a problem. For any parents, families, teachers or young people who are going through problems, I would say to you to contact a lady who helped my son. He was completely mute for over year. He was with CAMHS and had a pychiatrist assigned but di not get better at all. Christine helped him within the second meeting and he was completely back to normal in three weeks! She was wonderful, you can find her details on website At first we met face to face but then worked on the phone, it was wonderful to watch and experience. I was so grateful. She specialises with young people and families and I know has cured loads of selective mute cases.

beverley lyons said...

Hi how can I contact this lady my daughter is 5 and has not spoken for 2 years in school.