Thursday, March 11, 2010


Those negative thoughts are becoming a real battle.  I was promoted at work and I find promotions a really stressful experiance.  I know if I was feeling well I would be coping a lot better than I am now.  I have a very high work load but no energy and I do not seem able to concentrate and break big things down into manageable chunks.

I went to a pub quiz last night and it went on and on so I did not get home until late.  I think I am over tired and I am hoping a good nights sleep will fix the problem.  I came home from work at lunch time today and it was only earlier this week that I was starting to feel well again.

I am starting to ignore people who are giving me a lot of hassle and demanding work from me which I do not have tme to do.  I think it is a ticking time bomb!

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Raine said...

Quite often I find that a good sleep does help