Saturday, March 13, 2010

I can't hold a thought in my head!

I started weight watchers last week.  I lost 1lb this week.  As I gave up on the diet for two days I am satisfied.  I would have been satisfied with no change in weight so loosing 1lb was a bonus.

I am still struggling to do anything.  The smallest of tasks just seem to be completely over whelming  so I end up getting nothing done.  I don't seem to be able to break things up into manageable tasks at the moment.  I am suppose to be going away this weekend but getting ready seems too difficult.

I worry that I am messing up my brain and turning into someone who is not me.  Then again I don't know who I am anyway.  I do know I was happy with life a little while ago before I started changing medications.   Now I am awake a lot more but I am struggling to work and function.  I cannot hold a thought in my head! :o(

I want a holiday from antipsychotic medications but my psychiatrist says because I have had a severe psychotic breakdown in the past he cannot recomend it and I am likely to relapse if I stop taking them.

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Raine said...

its hard sometimes. I have not shopped even tho I needed too for last the week because I simply cant decide what to buy. I know what you mean about that. Psychiatric meds suck but then so do psychotic breaks((((Annie))))) I hope it gets better for you