Friday, March 05, 2010

negative thoughts are back but spring is coming

It's been a long hard winter and I'm glad spring is coming! I seem to be fighting those familiar negative thoughts a  lot recently.  Is that person staring at me.  Those people are whispering about me.  So and so thinks I'm stupid.  He does not like me.  I think they are all irrational and a little paranoid but I do wish they would go away.  Fighting them and distracting myself takes an awful lot of effort.  I am still only on 5mg of aripiprazole and as the side effects seem to have gone away I am wondering if I might be better off with a slightly higher dose as originally planned.  I have another appointment with the psychiatrist in a few weeks and this will be my first question.

Otherwise I am doing well, my flat is tidy, I'm quite organised and generally getting on with life.  It's just everything is taking just a little bit more effort.  I must admit it is nice being able to getup inthe mornings again :o).

My parents are coming to stay this weekend and I have put on so much weight I have decided to join Weight Watchers.  The first meet is tomorrow morning.

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