Monday, December 04, 2006

General update...

I am still chatting to Mr. Apparently Creepy Guy! I quite enjoy his MSN company in the evenings. I went to see a Pocket Opera with him on Satuday and I really enjoyed it. His flat mate came along too, he was an interesting guy.

I got my car back today after having the next batch of work completed. I actually drove it home without feeling sick about what would go wrong next.

I have not started preparing for Christmas yet. Usually by this time of year I am over excited and in a silly child like mood with the tree going up on the 1st of December. It must be the stress of my car and things but I don't feel the Christmas Spirit yet and I have not even started the Christmas shopping. Maybe I will start this weekend :o)!

I have both top and bottom of my brace fitted now, I feel a little shy about showing people for the first time but then I think about having nice straight teeth when I am done :o)!! For the first time ever I have started noticing peoples teeth and just how many people have oddities with them! I am quite proud of my braces now.

Not much else to report but I will post again soon!

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