Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I feel really miserable and fed up. I had a good day at work, it was office clear up day so I threw a lot of old folders out and cleaned my desk. That all went well.

I had my end of year review this afternoon and that went well and was all positive. I should get a pa rise in April.

I got home from work about 6pm and watched a spot of TV. I spoke to ‘Mr Apparently Creepy Guy’ again. Then I went to the local pub for dinner. The service was really crap but the food was good. I was dining alone which was a bit depressing, when I went to order the lady was pretty moody and I ordered my meal for one and she just said ‘What Else?’ I said ‘that’s it’ and she just mumbled something like ‘ok’. I moved on to order my drink from the bar and a large party of middle age women got there just in front of me. All I wanted was one soft drink but I had to wait for several people to buy their rounds and hand out their Christmas cards.

I am reading ‘The Road to Nab End, An extraordinary Northern Childhood’ by William Woodruff. I usually like this kind of book because they are living memories of history. I love getting sunk in to the old fashioned community that I have not experienced since a very young age. One part of the last chapter mentioned Bill had an Aunty who was deaf and going blind, she was a spinster and none of her family would take her in. That’s going to be me! – maybe that is what has upset me?

I came home went to bed and cried for a bit. After I stopped I just laid there feeling numb so I thought I would post! I do not think I will go to work in the morning because I feel very low. I have set my alarm so I can see how I feel tomorrow but I feel like I deserve a duvet day! Hopefully sleep should fix things?

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