Thursday, August 07, 2008

feeling miserable

Here's a photo from my hols, a traditional English seaside holiday! Hopefully to cheer up the post...

I have internet access back, had it for about 10days now. My mood is all over the place as there is a man about who I'm not sure whether is interested in me and I am not sure if I'm interested but think he seems really nice and I'd like to find out. I'm feeling particulary low tonight. I had a few days off work after my holiday as I was really low. Then decided to sort myself out have buzzed non stop for the last few weeks and now my mood has crashed again.

I wish I knew what normal was, maybe this is normal?? Maybe I just try to hard to feel better when I am feeling normal. Maybe that is what sends me hypo! I think the key is to just accept my different moods, not hate them and not fight them! I don't think there will ever be a man who can cope! Isit even fair to impose my moods on others?


Raine said...

"fighting moods" doesnt work for me. Dealing with them the best I can is better. They are gonna come no matter what. It is better for me to realize that and to do what I can to live the best I can in spite of them. And I did find a man who loved me in spite of them.

Anonymous said...

Well, all I know about normal is that it's a setting on a washing machine, aside from that I haven't a clue.