Monday, February 01, 2010

Selective Mutism

I overcame the problem myself as I grew up, but to the day I left University aged 23 I was still unable to speak up in a class setting.  I was offered counselling when I was 16 but it was a bit late by then and when I moved into the sixth form the Head of Sixth insisted I could not have any unless I asked for it myself.  The problem was I couldn't ask so I never received any help.

After a complete psychotic breakdown, aged about 27 I was finally diagnosed with social anxiety and bipolar disorder.  The whole world changed when I realised I was sick and not naughty, that was also very scary!  I came so close to attempting suicide but I didn't!

I'm looking forward to seeing how the next generation are getting help.  I think the BBC earn their money with things like this, I hope they do not dissapoint.

I have a 'date' with someone 12 years older than me tonight, a 'suger daddy'. Still men my own age always give up on me.  It's a first date, I'll try and tell him I suffer from depression if I get the opportunity.  If he reacts ok to that I may agree to a second date.  The rest can come out if and when it ever needs to.


Anonymous said...

have a good date

from a mum of young lady with sm

i am looking forward to the programme tomorrow too

Raine said...

((((((( Annie)))))) I know you are in England and some of your english is different than ours, particularly the slang. Anyway- here in America a "sugar daddy" is basically someone (usually older but not always" that gives you gifts and money in exchange for your time and well- sex. Its not exactly being a prostitute but well it is an exchange tho often times unspoken. I thought you should know before you call him a sugar daddy or yourself a sugar baby.

Annie said...

Don't worry Raine. I am not becoming a prostitue. We generally use the term'Sugar Daddy' to mean an older man. It is used quite loosly for a partner who is older than you.

The general rule of thumb is to take seven and mutiple by two. With this rule it is socially acceptable for me to date a 50 year old. This man is 44. I am not sure that I want to see him again anyway.