Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Automatic Negative Thoughts

I have just spent the evening with my friend, she gave me some photos of her baby. I was really pleased she let me have them and I was making plans of where I was going to put them.

I put the photo on the seat next to me and drove home. On the way home I stopped at the fisn 'n' chip shop to get some food. I got in the car and placed these too on the seat next to me. I worried for an instant about the greece going through but decided they would be ok because the chips were well wrapped and a little greece would wipe off in worse case scenario.

When I got out of the car I found that the heat from the chips had melted some of the print on the photos. Ok it was sad but only effected one of the pictures, I still had all the others.

I was sitting on the floor eating my chips from the paper and I knocked my drink all over the photos. It has ruined the whole lot :o(. The ink has washed off :o( !!It has ruined the whole lot. To just rub salt in the wound the print from the photo is all over the rug I scrubbed on my hands and knees last week.

My automatic thoughts are just 'you never look after anything, you are so careless, x won't give you anymore, she should have given them to someone else'

I feel so miserable about it!! :o(

I'm trying to fight the automatic negative thoughts but I'm so tired I just want to cry.

Still no word from the someone else, and the other guy seems to have lost interest too. I am destined to be alone forever.

Maybe it will seem better in the morning!


james said...

meh. accidents. never mind. you could always ask your friend for the negatives to get your copies re-done. your friend won't think anything bad about you - you know that anyway :)

Raine1563 said...

awwww honey- accidents do happen-dont be so hard on yourself- james is right you can have copies made from the negatives and hopefully the carpet will come clean. I hope you DO feel better about it all in the morning. Will an "I'm such a klutz" story help? LOL I was staying at my friends house for a while and he is an avid collector of antiques and such. His house was a mess (typical bachelor) and I decided to clean it. He had a floor heater going and I bumped it accidentally with the vacuum and that bumped the heater into this antique banjo sitting against a chair. This ripped the "head" (the paper part in the middle. I was horrified. I had it replace and it cost over $100 to do it, but now the head is new and the banjo is antique......tho I understand they change those like guitar strings - I still devalued his precious banjo. He forgave me:P just as I am sure your friend will understand and forgive you. You probably just have to forgive yourself hun

Sir.Xavier Anderson said...

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