Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Night

I am slowly getting back into the routine of things after my holiday. I had a very slow week at work, I just found it really difficult to motivate myself and get back into things. I did a sickie on Friday as I over slept and felt quite down as I had made a big mistake on Thursday and I felt like everyone would be pointing fingers :o(.

I went to the Orthadontist last Wednesday, I will have a brace for between 18 and 21 months. I get the bottom fitted the last week of October and the top in the first week of November. From what he was saying I think I am going to have to get up 10 minutes earlier just to clean my teeth. After 7 months I will also have to have elastics which will need taking out when I eat and changing every day. I thought wearing a brace was going to be a little uncomfortable but I did not realise it was going to be quite so time consumming!

I was suppose to go to a drama group last Friday but I did not go as I had not been to work. I was also hoping to go to the pub today to meet some people from SA - UK but that all fell through because of a lack of interest.

I had my sister and her husband to dinner last Tuesday, they brought their old TV over for me :o). I have set up the surround sound now and it is really good for DVD's. It is a proper size TV, a hundred times better than my old 12 inch portable. I was worried about cooking dinner for them as they are both vegetarian and my brother in law is a particulary fussy eater. Things went well though, I made vegetable lasagne with rocket and parmasan salad followed by home made chocalate mousse. They seemed to enjoy it :o).

I have spent over £100 this weekend and that does not include my usuall food shopping and petrol. I spent £50 on clothes and shoes in the NEXT sale as well as buying a new mobile phone and sending my sister some flowers to say thanks for the TV. The Orthodontist will cost me £3050 and I spent nearly £1000 going to Dubai. I need to seriously cutback on my spending. My instant access savings accunt will be empty by the time I have paid the deposit for my teeth. It will not fill up again either as the monthly payments for my teeth will come out of the money I used to save each month.

I am taking another week off work towards the end of October. I am going to go and spend a few days with my nephew as I have never taken him out on his own before. ( He will be three in November and is adorable) I will also spend some time with my Mum and she will then come back with me for a few days.

Anyway it is 10:40pm and I have work tomorrow. I was so shattered before I went on holiday, I was not much better last week and took a sickie on Friday so I need to have a good productive week this week!

Wish me luck!!!

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