Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Football Practice

I went to football practice today for the first time ever. I layed a few times in the summer for an interdepartment team at work. I posted about it. It did me a lot of good at the time and I think it will begood for me again. If I get good enough I might get to play in the womens five-a-side team.

I really enjoyed it but it was really clear that I was the most unfit person their. It was great fun and I am definately going back next week.

I thinkthe exercise has really done me some good as I have been feeling very lethargic recentlt and when I got home today I got a lot of the jobs done that have built up over the past few weeks.

I am going Speed Dating tomorrow, last time I went Ihad a full panic attack and fainted!! I hope that does not happen again!!

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