Friday, October 20, 2006

feeling crap again

I have had a very busy hectic week at work, I have worked over 50 hours this week.

Had a strop at work this afternoon and cried. My boss stayed late with me until 8pm to get through the min that I had to do to take next week off

The cats fur has fallen out around the base of her tail. I am going away for a few days and need to get her to the cattery by 10am. I have not cleaned her litter tray for a few days so I am worried that it is my fault! I am going to try

At least I have next week off work, I am taking my nephew out on Monday and Tuesday! That should be fun. He will be three soon!

I am going to look up Gullivers Land before I go to sleep!


Raine said...

what is a cattery?

Anonymous said...

Boarding kennels for cats, I did not take her in because her fur is falling out of her tail. I have bought her with me to my parents instead!