Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stood Up

My date did not show up, he said he did not think we had any firm plans. HaHaHa. WhenI sent him a text he said he was still at work. This was my biggest concern about dating him was that he was a workaholic.

Just after we arranged the date he was asking some questions about bra size and stuff, I did not answer him because I didn't want to give him the impression he would get something he was not going to get. I humoured him a little though, without giving anything away. I got fed up with it and said 'there is nothing likegetting to know someone mind'. Soon after that he went very quiet and said work was busy.

He asked if we could still meet another night after he stood me up. I put two and two together and reacted by saying 'No, I'm not a quick Sex/fix'. Oooops. I felt quite annoyed with myself afterwards and wish I had just left it at 'No, I don't think so'.

He said that's not what he wanted and asked if he could make it up to me and I said I would look forward to that. I am not going to contact him, I am going to leave the ball firmly in his court. The fact is I have only met him for 3 minutes and I am not that interested. Also when I met him he said he worked long hours and I thought that would get in the way of any kind of relationship, and guess what, it has before e even went on a first date!!


Raine said...

hmmmm not sounding very promising but I consider dating a process of weeding out the jerks till you find a good one. Dont settle EVER. Keep on dating til you find the one for you hun.

Shy Pixie said...

no, not very promising at all.
Hi Annie, I've just started up a blog documenting my social anxiety recovery, do you want to add it to your list?