Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Celebrating; I got the flat!

My offer has been accepted, I have done all my sums and have the mortgage approved in principle. I was really worried about my credit rating but it was in the top category!

This is the river out the back of the flat, my living room and bedroom over look the river! I can't wait! The flat is currently empty so there is no chain and I could be in as soon as the end of February!

I had an embarrassing awkward moment this afternoon. I went to see the financial advisor to apply for the mortgage. He was trying to sell me all the insurances. He asked if I wanted critical illness cover. I just said no and wanted to leave it at that. However, he kept trying to sell it so I just said I would not be accepted for it. He kept going so I said I had a medical illness. He STILL kept going and wanted to know what type! I said psychiatric but he just kept pushing!!! In the end I asked what the problem was and why all the questions, the insurance is not compulsory, my mortgage had gone through with a top credit rating! He moved on after that! I spoke to my friend who is also a financial advisor and knows my history. I discussed the insurance I have through work and she does not think critical illness cover is worth it given my history. I have sick pay for up to 12 months anyway and critical illness cover has a terrible reputation for not paying out. I'm not worried about skipping this. I will check my benefits at work and check I have the maximum benefit available through my flexi-pay scheme. They don't ask any questions as it is done on a corporate level!

I am starting to imagine where my furniture is going to go, I hope I don't get gazumped!

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Raine said...

OH YAY!! I am so very happy for you Annie. That is wonderful wonderful news. And what a beautiful site to live on. I imagine just living near that river could bring peace all by itself. Congratulations!!