Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm so tired.....

All I want to do is sleep. I think I have taken on too much recently :o(
I have been on a course, I have a big deadline at work and I am buying a flat.

It has now become too much for me....

It didn't seem that much a little while ago, the days just weren't long enough because I had to take my medication to make me sleep. This was just to keep my routine not because I was tired. My energy has now drained and all I want to do is sleep. The only thing that stops me calling in sick tomorrow is I love my job and it feels like a sicky.

I am going to do the minumum possible for a while, minimum work anyway!

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Raine said...

My experience has been that even good things can trigger cycling. So you are totally right to cut the stimulation to a minimum for a while and rest as much as you can. Be well Annie