Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Friends and Family

Yesterday I started sorting through some of my keep sakes ready to pack and move. I found a card one of my friends sent me while I was in hospital a few years ago. She had written a long message in it. I only read about a quarter of it and I couldn't go any further. It was just too hard. I had a good cry and packed it away in a shoe box. I have two of three really special friends who I love to peices.

My nephew came to see me an Saturday, my parents bought him down. I took them all to see my new flat and we went out for lunch. When he got home and my sister asked him what he did he said the I said 'Just calm down'. He was over excited and I kept telling him to sit on the sofa and count to one hundred.

Apparently he was still talking about me this morning. The first thing he said when he woke up was 'Aunty Annie wears contact lentals'. He meant contact lenses. He also got in the car this morning and told my sister that he wanted to call me as he had something really exciting to tell me. He told me there was a lump of mud on the road. He is a very clever little boy, he has just turned four and he can count to one hundred and knows his two times table. He also knows all his letters and reads quite a few words. I hope he does not turm out to be so clever he does no fit in. I love my nephew so much!

I'm not so sure that I need a man and a family of my own. I keep thinking that I will never want to leave my flat once I move in!

Family can also be a nightmare though. My sister and I were talking about charities we donate to. I said that I donate regulary to the NSPCC, she basically told me I wasted my money as it was the most over funded charity in the UK and it is a waste of money. She actually raised her voice to me. How dare she inflict her opinions on me as fact. I chose the NSPCC for two reasons; 1. they have just taken over childline and currently childline can only answer one third of all calls; 2. There was a little boy about the same age as my nephew on a TV advert, I just thought what if Oscar ever needs someone outside the family to talk to, I want to know his call would be answered.

I tried to call childline myself when I was very desperate and depressed as a teenager, nobody answered my calls, they need to be well funded as every time a child calls for help someone has to be there.

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Raine said...

That sounds like a good reason to donate to me. If everyone thinks like your sister then it never will be properly funded will it? Your money is not wasted hun.