Saturday, January 26, 2008

A LIFE LONG JOURNEY, Staying Well with Manic Depression/Bipolar Disorder

As I look along my bookcase I see a number of great self help books that have really helped me, I thought I'd review a few of them, maybe they can help others?

I found this book really good and comforting. It includes many accounts of real peple who have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and lead normal healthy lives. One of the hardest things about coming to terms with my illness was getting over the stereo type of psychiatric illness. I had heard of this condition before I was diagnosed but I had only ever heard horror stories.

I know someone (who is my mother's god daughter) , she has the more severe form of the illness. My mum would tell me how she was in hosptital because she thought she was a beautiful ballerina and would be dancing around the ward. I also thought people had no control and spent all their money on whims and these were uncontrollable and this was the case for everyone. I believed that medication did not work for anyone and it was only a matter of time before relapse. I thought as a manic or hypomanic episode starts everyone stopped taking there medication as they felt so good they did not need it. Unfortunately I knew very little and had only heard horror stories.

This book is very positive and puts many misconceptions to rest and presents an illness which can be successfully managed for many. By reading patients accounts it gave me many ideas to make my life easier and more manageable. I believe this is essential reading for anyone who is scared about their diagnosis.

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