Friday, June 16, 2006

My new neice

I met my new neice, she is gorgeus, she was asleep for the whole hour and a half I was there but I watched her the whole time and she made little sounds and every 10 minutes or so she kicked her legs. She is beautiful.

It sounds like her Mum went through a really rough time with the c section and stuff, at least she is out of hospital now though and everyone is ok!

I have had a really busy day at work, I am taking next week as holiday. I have planned to spend the week at the seaside. I had so much to do before I could leave work and I have left a long list of high priority stuff for my boss and my colleague to do.

I had my mid year review this morning. The work I have done has been fine and my boss is really pleased with how much I have developed. I feel like I have always been capable but the anxiety held me back and prevented me getting any opportunities to show people I could do the job. Therefore I do not think of this as a big achievement. Yes I am happier and thrilled to be doing the type of job I went to university to do but all the over playing things just makes me remember how crapthings have been in the past. He seriously over did the ego massaging though. He has been very sweet in the support he has given me but I was really uncomfortable for the whole hour and he really dragged things out. He was doing it because he was trying so hard to make it a positive experiance for me.

I have a busy weekend this week, I have a packed agenda which should do me some good. stop me feeling sorry fo myself. I go away on Monday.


james said...

cool annie. the way you describe your job sounds like the way i feel at the moment. i am working in a degree specific area and i had such a hard time at university (although it was easy to avoid my social problems there) that i can barely comprehend why anyone puts any faith in me at work!?(if only they knew me!). i have to stop thinking this way... hope i can and it sounds like you're making alot of progress. im lucky i now have a very nice boss too.

Annie said...

James - a nice boss makes all the difference

Raine said...

ok now thats being rather harsh on yourself. it IS an achievement!! give yourself a little credit. You wouldnt be that harsh on another person. Try and be as kind to yourself as you would to someone else hun. congratulations on the job and the baby and have a wonderful vacation

james said...

hope u r ok annie

Moriarty said...

Pat yourself on the back - you deserve the holiday for the hard work.