Sunday, June 11, 2006

A nice weekend

I have had a really nice weekend, I have been on my own for most of it but I am starting to appreciate time to myself and this weekend I decided to just do what I would do if I had the perfect company with someone who likes doing exactly what I do. I have to break the socialisolation I have found myself in some how and I have decided getting out of the flat is a good start. Life is not worth living without the company of others.

Yesterday I went to a few banks/ building societies to see how much I could borrow to buy a house. I can borrow more than I thought I could, I have searched a few websites but places with gardens are very limited in Reading with my budget. I do seem to have a choice flats /apartments that are not studio apartments though!

I also went to a pub on my own to watch an the opening England Game (Come on England!!!) Yesterday I also met my best friend at the pub, she had experianced contractions all Friday Night but they stopped again (She is now 42 weeks pregnant). She went in to hospital tonight to be induced, I am waiting to hear something!!

Today I went to the park near my house, I intended to just sit and read but the insects got on my nerves. I went and sat in the pub garden (the pub is in the middle of the park) I sat there had a glass of wine and started Reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I even ordered myself some food! I have managed to get a little sun burnt on the back of my neck but I can live with that.

I went Salsa dancing tonight, it was only my second time. I really enjoyed it. I am a little over weight though and I have suddenly become motivated to join weight watchers again!

I am yawning, I must get to bed or I will never wake up in the morning for work. I have become addicted to the Social Anxiety UK discusion board. If you are visit my blogg from that site please leave me a comment and say hello!

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