Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Night....

The weekend has been ok, I still feel a little low or possibly just normal, I don't think I know what normal really feels like. I don't want to die and my mind is not racing so I guess I am good. All I want to do is sleep though!

I went up to my parents for the weekend, an old uni friend stopped by to see me yesterday morning and after she left I took the 2 hour drive north to my parents. I felt quite ill on the way up and had to pull over. i had a slight headache (probably due to not sleeping well) but I got anxious about passing out while I was driving. I know it was anxiety making me feel worse as I was staying in the slow lane incase I wanted to pull over, when I hit some raod works and the hard shoulder disapeared I started hyperventilating. I was worried incase I had to stop and someone else would stop to see if I was ok, or the police would notice on a survelance camera. I felt really ill. I pulled over at the services, took a pain killer for my head ache and had a rest. I felt really weird when I got out the car but I felt much better after a drink of water and a pain killer.

I spent yesterday afternoon playing with my nephew and had dinner there last night. Today I slept in and then went out for lunch with my parents.

I am going on holiday with my parents and my nephew in 2 weeks. My friend could not get the timeoff work to go to New York so we ave put that off until September.

With the summer evenings being so long it is really easy to loose track of time and stay up too late!!


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