Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Every thing going well....

Poppy is settling in well, I was a little worried about her at first as she did not eat, drink, poo or wee for over 24 hours. She seems reasonably happy now and she has even ate all her dinner tonight.

I played football at lunch time, I nearly scored but my brain did not tel my feet what to do quickly enough and I lost the ball. My defence was ok again but I got hit in the face quite hard with the ball. It blocked a goal though! My department is through to the play off for the semi finals. Tomorrow is the play off and if we get through we will be playing a second game straight after. For the first game I will be a sub, and going on to give the others a break to get water etc. For the second game we will be a player down so I will have to stay on the pitch for the whole game. I am really enjoying it though :o). I spoke to the girl who arranges the training as I have not yet been. She said it keeps getting cancelled because everyone is on holiday but we should get a practice in soon.

My training for the sport relief mile is going well. Last Friday I did the mile in 12mins and 30secs on the treadmill. I bought a stop watch at the weekend and I have been running what I think is an approximate mile in the park every day after work as it is all up and down and a lot harder.

My time have been as follows;

Monday 14:18
Tuesday 13:54
Wednesday 13:11

If I manage to do the mile in less than 13 minutes I will be really pleased with myself, less than 12:30 I will be well chuffed. Under 13:30 I would be satisfied but over 14 mins I would be disapointed. I'll update this post with my time for tomorrow, I have not decided whether I will run or rest on friday but it will definately be lots of carbohydrates for dinner on Friday. I have also lost a couple of pounds this week which is a nice bonus!!! :o)


Raine said...

WOW sounds like you are getting very healthy

james said...

i bet you will crack the 13 minutes when you do the actual event... hope all is well.