Wednesday, July 05, 2006

An update of the targets I set myself

1. Get a tattoo
I have put some more thought into this, I am thinking of a daisy, a daffodil or other flower (as long as it is not a rose that is too common) It will be 3 to 5 cm and on the back of my left shoulder. I need to visit some tatoo shops and find the right design next :o)

2. Buy my own flat/house with a garden and a gas cooker

I have got some advice from banks and stuff about how much I can borrow, the problem is I am going off the idea as I want tospend some money on getting my teeth fixed.

3. Go to New York

Hopefully in September?

4. Increase my social life

I have started this already, I am going to Salsa, I am going to start football training and I met some girls at a Social Anxiety meeting last weekend! I am meeting them again in a few weeks time.

New goals before I am 30.

5. Get my teeth straightened

- I went to the dentist last week for a check up to make sure my teeth and gums are strong enough. The dentist said he would be happy to make the referral to an othadontist and I am waiting to hear.

6. Train with the womens 5-a-side football team (soccer for you US folks :o))
- I'd would love to play in a real match but some of that is down to fate!

7. Start hosting dinner parties for my friends and family.
I am not quite ready for this as I want everything to be perfect. I am experimenting with my cooking in preperation.

8. Be able to say that Social Anxiety is no longer controlling what I do.

I am making really good progress with this and believe I willget there one day!!!


Raine said...

those are really great goals hun. I believe you will get there too.

Neptune said...

Hey! :-)
Good luck with achieving all your goals - you are already on the way and you seem really positive about them so I'm sure you'll be able to achieve them all! Hosting a dinner party sounds scary - that's really brave to put that as one of your goals. Make sure you don't push yourself too far too quickly. :-)