Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Cat Poppy

I have been feeling a bit lonely recently but today, My ex bought my cat around to live, I asked if I could have her back. He has had her since we split up but today I got her back to live with me.

I am not really suppose to have pets in my flat as Iam renting but I don't care as I have someone (even if they are feline) to talk to, play with and cuddle. She has only been here a few hours but she is starting to make her self at home already and she has been purring and having a good fuss too.

I am trying to work out if she remembers me, I moved out 15 months ago but she is still responding to me calling her and is quite happy with me picking her up


smg said...

Hello Annie, after reading your previous post, I suggest you do the following: decide whether or not you actually WANT to get better. For a long time, I was attached to my depression and my negativity; there is something so comforting in having it there.

If you do choose to get better, I suggest you give up one bad habit and take up one good habit. One could, for instance, replace drinking with hiking. Choose something that connects you to yourself and do it EVERY day. When you want to stop, don't. Keep up. This new activity can be surfing, jogging, biking, yoga, meditation kickboxing, or anything. It is best if it is physical. Sweat every day, laugh every day and eat whole, healthy foods. Your life will change.

Raine said...

geez shes already been doing that. You have been doing great Annie!! I have a sneak pet too now. He keeps me really busy LOLOL and he's great company when I cant sleep at night. Im happy you got your kitty back

james said...

haha... your cat really looks like it doesnt like having its photo taken. its like "go away!"