Sunday, January 25, 2009

The happiness was short lived. I can't remember what I called my ex boss on Friday but it was not polite. It was followed by "I am glad I no longer report to you, and I will keep all comunication minimal and professional from now on". I almost hope I am disciplined for this. I do not think it would be grounds for out right dismisal but a written warning would not surprise me at all!

My mood is so low I just keep staring at the walls. I keep getting dressed and going through the motions just for something to do. I bought a box of paracetemol at the garage when i filled up with petrol. I think I'll collect a few more so I have a way out if things don't get any better.

I'm shouting and screaming for someone to talk to me at work but the more frustrated and upset I get the less I can comunicate. My boss is in Germany now, the languauge and geographical barrier is far greater than I ever dreamt it would be. I can't keep going like this much longer.

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