Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Positive Action

I took 300mg of quetiapine again last night. I took 200mg at 9.30pm but when I was still awake at 11pm I took another 100mg. I finally got to sleep after midnight but I did sleep well.

I got to work quite late. This morning I sent my health details and the 'reasonable adjustments' I think would help me to my manager. I mentioned the flexible working hours for the mornings when I am drowsy as well as the need to be clear when giving feedback and putting all feedback into context.

I found this website really helpful...
My manager thanked me for my openess, said there is no need to apologise for getting upset the other day and said he would take sometime to think about it all carefully.

This afternoon I went to see my psychiatrist and discussed recent events. I am going to permanently increase the quetiapine and it is ok to take a little extra when needed to help me sleep.

I'm going to the gym tonight! I hope I have hit rock bottom now and things will start getting better!

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